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Long and wide things were discussed at the beginning and end of every question so that superstar Salman was more focused. The show was given a break after two successful seasons and Salman also got busy in many of his projects. Now, you can interact with Salman khan at duskadum. It is believed that many celebrities on this show will also be seen from time to time.

Reality television shows in India. After this, Khan will stay back to start shooting for Veer from November, penned by him.

The contestant who wins the first round plays the game to win up to Rs. Sallu starrer Main Aur Mrs Khanna is first film to get permission to shoot at high security airport. Aamir Khan celebrity guest.

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It was fun but very hectic. Once selected in this show, the Lucky winners will get a chance to play this game with Salman in the fabulous set of Film City. Through the Leaderboard in this app, users will be able to get their ranking according to the exact time of their ranking.

10 Ka Dum - 3 Video Result(s)

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People can go ahead in the game by answering the questions on Sony Live app. However, it will depend on the right answers of the competitor. And he is working really hard to make an impact with his debut on the small screen. All my decisions are based on my instinct and some people think that I am too moody and cynical.

The show was popular and was at number one thousand spot in ratings in India. What percentage of Indian men think they are more intelligent than women?

Redirected from Dus Ka Dum. The main thing is that all these questions will be asked according to the person who plays the game. So it was difficult to cut the time for those who were sitting in the game to watch.

10 Ka Dum - 3 Video Result(s)

Salman Khan's new found love! As with the lower prize levels, the contestant may elect to take the walk-away prize for the Rs. After, the bollywood don Aamir Khan who directly interact with his fans through his personal blog.

Current broadcasts on Sony Entertainment Television. For the fourth question of Rs. Even if the contestant wants to leave the show and answer the amount before the answer can go home. If the survey's result is exactly the same as the contestant's response, the contestant is then awarded Rs.

Television, it seems, is Salman Khan's new found love. The channels have their own survey and the answers have been decided based on them. If the contestant locks in a response, the survey result for the poll question is then revealed. The game show goes on air from June six at hrs and will be telecast every Friday and Saturday.

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And if the question was answered correctly, the contestant was then given the chance to win Rs. From the beginning, this show is getting a good review of the audience.

Sample survey has determined the exact answers in form of percentage and the one who answers nearest to the exact answer is the winner. Players with every level will get more points, so as to win prizes and get a chance to reach another level of the game show. Now, it is the turn of Salman Khan to join the bandwagon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Think like India thinks and you can win Rs.

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It's your chance to watch the sculpted Khan enter your heart effortlessly. Now Salman Khan has posted a new teaser of this show on Instagram. Amitabh Bachchan soon followed suit and attracted hundreds and thousands of his fans to his blog. About Me Navh Nihar View my complete profile. In his blog, Salman writes about how he came aboard for the show.

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Anyways, if you don't manage to take home some moolah, you still would've had a chance to share space with the sexy Khan. Salman in his style introduced David and then began the game. For the first three poll questions, the correct answer to the question was revealed once the contestant locked-in an answer by pulling down a lever. The third season of the show integrated an innovative technology powered by Screenz scrnz. There are interesting questions that will incite everybody to start thinking.

Full Episode Dus Ka Dum 2019 Season 4

For, he has put his Bollywood commitments on hold. After Downloading this app, the audience will be asked many different types of questions related to their life. Sony Entertainment Television India.

After this, Salman Khan is seen talking to the contestants. Salman Khan will work round the clock in the coming months. But, if the survey's result is not exactly the same as the contestant's response, the contestant will be awarded Rs.

Through this app, ieee articles the participants will get a chance to create fun video messages with Salman. Salim is talking about his bond with Salman Khan in this video. We bring you the rollicking and melodius music video for the same show where you watch Salman dancing his way into your heart. Rani Mukherji actually won Rs. They kept asking me to look into the format closely.

10 Ka Dum Latest News Photos and Videos on 10 Ka Dum