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So, are there no good video players for Windows out there? As soon as you add the desired video file that you want to repair, acronis partition manager the program starts repairing the file.

Then, hit on the round button Burn at the bottom to kick off the process immediately. Now save your preferences and play the video. Targeted for the Mac platform and its latest update, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is a software that aims to fix corrupt video files.

So, now that is eventually possible, we have other issues to handle related the video codecs. Post the repair, you can select the destination folder where you want to save the video.

All it brings to users are beyond your imagination and you can even set up your routine playback preference within this player. Click on the editing icon and a panel will be shown to let you customize the settings easily. And there are some nice aesthetic touches, such as the changing of colour on the player with every new track and the ability to automatically import album art. In order to repair your corrupted video files, start the software on the main screen and chose the video files from the list that you want to repair.

5 Best 4K Video Player Software to Play 4K Video

You name it, the video player software has it. The utility scans the corrupted file and gets out as much data as it can from it to create a file that is playable. The software then automatically begins the repairing process, deletes the damaged files and places the repaired one.

Video Players for Windows

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It may freeze while playing, break or may not run at all. Finally, you can hit on the Burn button on the toolbar and set the type and path for saving the output movie. You have to drag and drop a video file to play it. So, did our list proved helpful to you? Today, we have a list of free video repair software that can help fix the corrupted video in no time.

The TrueTheater Surround feature gives you expanded stereo output options if you want to connect it to your home theater for a complete surround sound experience. Adjusting aspect ratio, playback speed, video effects, etc. The sheer diversity of tools and customization elements it brings to the table are seemingly unrivaled. Hence, you require a video repair software to take care of your corrupted files that can fix them for a hassle free viewing experience. All in all, with Leawo Blu-ray Player, you will find the most comfortable setting to enjoy your movie.

It comes with an extremely basic layout and does not really have an interface. It repairs the files with magnificent speed and impeccable performance. This happened with that usb before. This player has support for a very large range of codecs, making it possible to play back virtually any type of video file as well as audio. It may so happen that you have videos in.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair offers a neat and user-friendly interface that does not require you to be an expert to use it. But it does illustrate how there is a visual difference between the two that go beyond just more resolution. The application requires a Java Runtime Environment to function. Once the repair process is complete the original video file is reinstated with the repaired video file. Once the repair process is over you will see a pop-up that displays the final report and which comprises of the video repair information.

Video Players for Windows

Select the damaged video file that you want to be repaired, and then you will be asked to choose a target folder. Choose the one according to your computer system. Trust me, you will definitely have fun with them. What software can repair horizontal banding lines on mac?

The video player also supports touch controls like swipe gestures, which makes it a joy to use Parma Video Player. It was new one, with not any software in it. All Transactions are protected!

10 Best Video Players For Windows

If you have piled up those partially corrupted or damaged video files, do not trash them as of now as you have Repair Video Master to restore them for you. If you feel like making a new one, just customize one. The evaluation of the selected video files begins instantly and the repair process then follows. While it repairs the broken video, it also repairs other concerns like freezing of images, pixel discoloration, and loss of audio. You will have to be patient as the search procedure does take some time.

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While some of these softwares work for only certain codecs, some work for all. Using the preview feature you can also ensure that the video file name is the same as the actual video. Contact us Advertise About Us. This is a professional and powerful media processing program and you can take advantage of it to edit the movie to make it more of your style. Finally, save the file to your desired location.

When you download this software, it merely opens in the form of box with literally no options. Deinterlacing, noise reduction and audio filters are among the many features that will be more than enough for a lot of users and to be frank, we rarely use them. The program comes with a simple and easy to use interface. On completion of the repair, it shows report log along with the file description. Leawo Blu-ray Creator may give you the full access to make your dream come true.

The 10 Best Free Video Players for Windows

In order to use the software follow the simple instructions on the displayed on its screen. Finally, after using this quick and lightweight software you can save the resultant video file either into the same location as the original file or to a different folder. It eliminates the damaged portion and re-attaches the disconnected parts together to ensure that the video functions properly.

Now you may be more confident to go on reading the rest of this post. There can be various reasons behind the failure of the video which can be resolved with only video repair tools that help mend any corrupt video easily. The best part is that you can also select multiple files to fix videos in bulk. The moment you select the target folder, the video fixing process begins. You simply add the damaged files to the list that you want to repair and the software will automatically trace and delete the corrupted frames.

PotPlayer can play virtually any file format you throw at it without a hiccup. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can complete the repair process. Online streaming and Blu-ray support are also on the table. Even though it may not detect all the bad frames at all times, but when it does, it efficiently repairs the damaged section for you to have smooth viewing experience. Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs.

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The same can be done for all supported websites. There are a lot of Bluetooth earphones out there, and there are a lot of brands making Bluetooth earphones. Also, supports multiple languages through the system menu like English, German and Russian. It also allows you to view the activity table of Get My Video Back. On the successful fixing of the file, you will see a prompt with an option for you to preview the repaired file.