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Some of the Nadis are written hundred years back and some are written couples of hundred year back. Email address Password Forgot your password? Vishnu accepted the curse of the sage as He accepted the curse of Sage Durvasa.

But hurdles in profession are seen, as both Moon and Mars are inimical to Saturn. For most of the Nadis, though, knowledge of system is unavailable as what is left to us is just written predictions.

We will try to catch up more about these great sages in future. No first strike principle! Some people think it as a system of astrology like Jaimini or Tajik. Mantra Nadi uses some siddhis or psychic power for predictions. Before I close this, I want to caution about certain Nadis.

Some Nadies like Bhrigu Nadi use year of birth for indexing. Maharshi Bhrigu was one of the Manasputras born by a wish of Lord Brahma It is said that he was born from the heart part. Maharshi Bhrigu had accomplished many Yagnas and had helped others to accomplish them. Nadi Astrology is a process, autocad furniture blocks a batch process of writing predictions for large number of people in advance.

Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. This is capable of giving independent profession.

After that job of Nadi Readers starts. Please help in this as well. This is very important for astrologers and astrology students, so listen carefully. The job of Nadi Writer ends after writing and indexing those predictions. However, Vishnu realised that unless she tried to harm Him, He could not kill her without violating the dharma.

This association of Nadi Astrology with Nadi leaves and thumb impressions is more common in Southern part of India. Nadi Writer is actually the one who knows astrology. Indexing techniques of Nadi Astrology is miraculous as those can index millions of horoscopes without using software of computer.

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For example, Satya Jatakam is based on principles of Dhruva Nadi. Not sure how to take this forward. For example, Chandra Kala Nadi uses Parashari and Jaimini systems primarily for writing those predictions. Apart from these three roles Nadi has a techniques to for indexing those large number of horoscopes.

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Very goid analysis need to practice these technique time before you can start to get the answer how much you charge to rectified the time of birth. So suppose somebody says that he is using Nadi Astrology in his predictions, it is technically incorrect. All copyrights reserved AstroSage.

Jupiter, Moon, Ketu, Mars. Different Nadis uses different systems, some are primarily transit based, some are Jaimini based, some are Parashari based and so on. My mother says its sawan in the morning. During his absence, the Daityas sought refuge in Usana, the mother of Sukracharya.


Sage Bhrigu cursed Vishnu to take birth on earth and go through the cycles of birth and death and thus suffer like us. Different Nadis also use different astrological systems for predictions.

Some Nadis like Agastya Nadi classifies those horoscopes based on thumb impression. Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury. When you convert your Isht Kala into vighatis It will always come to non fractional number.

Sir, Thank you for sharing this. These two processes happens at different period of time.


There is a type of Nadi which doesn't use astrology at all. Sage Narada, Vasishtha, Atri, Gautama etc. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu. You and Indra will be reduced to ash! An astrologer should thus have a wide knowledge in every branches of Astrology for accurate predictions.

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Vishnu understood that the curse on devatas could not be annulled unless Usana was killed. The Devatas prayed to Lord Vishnu to protect them and get them out of the predicament. Free Personalized Horoscope Name. So you are actually getting the prediction of others but not yours.

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Some Nadis uses shadow size of the native for indexing. When somebody calls it a system of astrology, he is incorrect. When the battle ensued between the Devatas and the Daityas, the Devatas led by Indra had the upper hand.

Sir, Thank you for your quick respose. Just go to shop section of this page or click on consultation just below the article. Nadi Shastra Why Nadi Shastra? Chyavana was his son from Puloma as we have seen. Sometimes Nadis do also use composite techniques and combine multiple methods to search quickly.

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However, the Nadi System has its own uniqueness of predictive methodology. Different Nadis use different techniques for classification and indexing of these large number of horoscopes.

This combination is a pointer to doing trading in agricultural related commodities. So various Nadis use various techniques for indexing and classification.