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Dekha Jo Tumko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai Lyrics

He was so unique in the sense that no one can near the art of such a shrill, sober yet mesmerising voice. Because, Talat also held you in his arms as a baby! Chalo Chale Parivartan Path Par.

Salute to him from the core of my heart with deep respect. We have a large collection of Talat Sahib's songs mostly recorded from Radio. It has been very informative for a person like me who is from the present generation and never had the oppurtunity of listening to Talat live.

There were so many of those songs which one never finds anywhere else. Please continue your work on this site and know that it is much appreciated. Never had the privilege of hearing him live, yuvaratna rana mp3 songs but his songs are alive in my heart and will always be a reminder of the good things in this world. Gaiye Gun Gaan Prabhu Kaa.

He continued in spite of the sore throat and no one was really bothered that Talat saab needed a rest. You can't find this kind of people these day's. Very kind of you Khalid Sahab to share your songs as unconditional love of your father, of whom i ve been fan for ages.

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It was a wonderful experience. Jyoti Jaga Lo, Andhera Mita. But did Talat ever meet The Beatles while he was in England?

Your dad was my favorite and my dad's favorite as well. Can u pls give me any clue where to get them as i wanted to add them in my library of talat sahab. Meethe Bache Meethe Bache.

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But please keep on updating it! This website about Talat Mahmood is mind-boggling and has left me dazed. The people of Cochin found solace in hearing him for Talat Saab's voice. Yesterday my Jijaji sugested to me about ur site and after watching this site I really found it absolutely unforgettable! Chetan Upvan Me Khilte Hai.

His velvety voice is the only voice and will remain forever the only voice on earth. Talat Sahab has been a great star of India and made us all proud.

The site is a great creation. As a teenager I was watching the indian film for the first time. Love your dad and still listen to his music all the time. If I ever loose it, I will be lost.

Maine Dekha he In Akho Se. Tumhi Se Dekha Hamne Baba. Pyaare Baba Ne Tumko Tapsvi. Paa Kar Tumhara pyar Baba. Rukna Nahi Tu Jhukna Nahi.

Let me know How i can download free Special guzals of Talad Mahmoodji. Pyaare baba Tumhara Yahi Kahana. Talat Sahib's silky smooth voice was a gift of God, only to be appreciated, cherished and loved. Suno Dhadkano Ki Jara Aavaj. Your father is one of my most favorite singers of all time!

Dekha Jo Tumko Yeh Dilko Kya Hua Hai Lyrics Download Mp3

Hopefully you will upload them once again in the future. Ham Jo Sahara Dhudhte The. Divya Guno Ke Guldaste Se.

Is it possible to meet you and if so, where can I meet you. Khaled for keeping Talat's cherished memories alive. All the best and keep it up.

Banake Baba Aapake Ham Kitane. God bless him and may his soul live in peace.

Expressing his regrets he had informed that since that was the private property of the A. Jana he Hame Apane Param Dham.

Possibly, it was a Morris. But you did not upload two songs in older version. Hindi Bhojpuri Bangla Tamil Rajasthani. What mattered was that he performed and the fans got to hear him. Swarnim Bharat Banayenge Ham.

Bhagvan Tumhara Gyaan Simar. Here a visitor is looking for real old music - full of songs - you being his son must look into this - the site should have almost all songs! Om Shanti Hai Mantr Pyaara. Prabhu Pyar Ki Rahamat Female. Ham Udake Chale Jaye Pyare.

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Shiv Baba Ki Santan he Ham. Chale Farishte Sangamyug Ke. Khalid Bhai, every night I use to hear Talat Saab for a good sleep.