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When people show up in the studio to see Leno in person, they soon understand the game. The host is pumping his studio crowd and giving his seal of approval to a remark whose veracity is supposed to be tested by the recall election itself. Keep in mind that talk shows warm up and prep their studio audiences to act and respond with amphetamine-like enthusiasm.

In front of the clear prime-cut admiration of the host. If you tried to launch your message at a shopping center or a press club or a hotel ballroom or construction site or on a movie-studio sound stage, you could get laughed right out of town.

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Arnold plays a final pun card. Close by, off camera, we hear Jay thumping his own personal hand claps.

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No, Arnold would obtain a rocket boost from Jay Leno. Of course, it was more than an interview. You need a unique venue, where the joke and the camp and the craziness are all folded into the event itself, and the shock and surprise and hoopla are integrated. One thing you have to understand about Mr.

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Jay stands up and goes over and hugs Arnold, in profile, near his desk, and follows him closely toward an exit at stage left. Obviously, the room was set up for this event. Are they a legitimate Arnold demographic? Jay was positioned standing behind him, applauding, lending an affirmative gloss to the entrance. Jay had been touting this night as the occasion for a key revelation in the comic play called The California Recall Election.

What happened when an actor wanted to launch a political career and become a governor? Your email address will not be published. After the commercials, in the next six-minute segment, Jay and Arnold attain a few more highs of audience madness. This was the barrier that Leno had crossed?

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Jay, Arnold, the crowd, the band, bouncing off one another and yielding the effect of absolute synthetic thrill. What he does, he does for show. It all came down to his famous appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he announced that he was going to run.

Arnold clarifies his message to all politicians everywhere. The public anticipation was sky-high.


The show had been hyped as the moment when Arnold would announce whether he was going to run in the recall election against California Governor Gray Davis. In the entertainment capital of the world. Trump, uncharacteristically, declined.

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Were they pulled out of a Valley mall to paper the crowd? Jay then starts out from the bottom again. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

The studio audience cracks the ceiling. Already, it looked and felt political.

Thick white letters against a background of an ancient station test pattern from the s. Cut to a stark room, shot from above. Your opponents will go down like bowling pins.

Cut back to Jay and Arnold. Do they migrate from talk show to talk show?

With a new week brings up new slang terms, more colorful pants, music with meaningless lyrics, a rapper with a one hit wonder, etc. The host and his in-studio crowd give instant universal legitimacy to the moment. You read Neil Gaiman books you'll never amount to anything as far as we're concerned. The whole news division of a major network surrendered itself, for one ratings-busting night, niraj ahuja textbook of psychiatry to a talk show.

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No one notices or remembers this line was made massively famous in Network, the bitter satire on news as entertainment. Eh writes Sandman and doesn't afraid of anything!

There is no getting around it. If he could get away with claiming Trump met with Putin on the dark side of the moon to concoct a way to beat Hillary Clinton, he would run with it. And then that audience transmits its glow and howling racket to the wider television audience, thereby blowing an artificially enhanced event across the landscape. Although these species are common they are very hard to keep up with.

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In other words, Zucker happened to play a major role in electing Donald Trump. This definition is guaranteed to change just as hypesters do but you get the picture now. Keep in mind that The Tonight Show, with Jeno Leno, was a prime piece of the entertainment division then. People who try to be cool for the sake of feeling superiority.