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The world s most advanced CAD tools for jewelry creation

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Some people complain about the price only matrix arts prove the price is very reasonable, because if go to other plug-in from Rhino only that part of it program they selling for a thousand dollars. Using this software for me is like playing my favorite video game.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to get around in. Gemvision has extended the capabilities of Rhino to speed and simplify stone layout, Height field from bitmap control, prong, bezel, pave, head and channel placement and control. If you are a goldsmith who makes custom pieces, you will find this product indispensable. They are constantly checking you out when you call them or talk to them and evaluating what to do with their product next to make it better. For the commercial jeweler there is no substitute for Matrix.

Thank you for your interest in Gemvision software

Ho valutato e provato in passato tutti i programmi per gioielli ma questo ha del incredibile. Williams Howard Williams Ltd. The company is first rate in tech support and training.

All that new V-ray features maybe are good, but for artisans they are less important than having fast and properly working tools. The program takes you from concept to Finish - with applications to check for structural modeling integrity, weight estimates and rendering.

So far he's doing fine making things by hand. The plug-in is very well thought out for a person who wants to make jewelry.

Flexible Collection

On top of that the high level of support you get from Gem Vision is second to none. Instead of improving multiple annoying features, they just added many unnecessary new V-ray tools. This is an excellent product produced by talented, hard-working, innovative people.

The world s most advanced CAD tools for jewelry creation

He heard about matrix, so I started to investigate. You may be able to get that type of relationship with another software company, but I seriously doubt it. However, I'm not going to fly across the country to try your software, I'm not going to buy it sight unseen, I'm just not going to buy it, period. To consider Matrix a plug-in is only a technical term.

Others have stated that Matrix is not a toy, games for windows 7 gta iv it is for a serious jewelry industry user. Matrix does exactly that - I visualize the final piece in my head and render it in Matrix just as I might create the item in wax or fabricate it in metal.

Recently our boss upgraded software for seventh version and soon I understood that Matrix crew just decided to earn some extra money with minimal efforts. If you want to dive in and create jewelry it is definately worth the money.

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The software is carefully planned out and made to handle tasks that would otherwise require hundreds of button clicks - let alone knowledge. If you are in the jewelry business certainly you attend trade shows and certainly you could explore this software at the major trade shows. You will not find a better solution dollar for dollar. Gemvision has created a wonderful product. Se vuoi disegnare gioielli ad alti livelli ed in poco tempo, non puoi fare a meno di acquistarlo come ho fatto io.

It has a great library of profiles, rails, stones and more and more and more. Go to a trade show or arrange a presentation in your store. Interactive controls speed creation times.

Improve Productivity and Streamline Performance

Go to a trade showstand at the Matrix booth for a few hours and try it. They go very deep in jewelry speciation. If you are not in the jewelry business hmmm, why buy it?

Thank you for your interest in Gemvision software

The staff of Gem Vision is always willing and able to help you at their booth. Neither will I, unless I can try it myself. The reason I like this program it is very friendly.

The tool bars are setup in such a way as to take you step by step entering the parameters you desire. This company although might have a good product but they sound like a life insurance company who can only sell their products through sales people. Problem is that I know his abilities and I have to know if he will be able to use this software. My investment in their other products provided me with the confidence needed to make a capital expenditure that is by far the smartest investment I have made in the jewelry business.

Matrix is more than a plugin. We simply have more capacity than the demands from our current mix of clients. Matrix is totally committed to making their product into the pound gorilla of the trade. It is neatly flooded with builders that handle everything needed to make finished jewelry. There are so many features that it does take commitment of time to master.