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Commissioner Narasimha Naidu. But there will follow one whole paragraph discussing his music, so we shall leave him alone for the moment. Shymprasad handles the subject well by making the visuals speak for themselves. And considering his attempts at smiling don't account for much time, that constipated look kinda gets on your nerves.

He is good looking and popular and owns a dream of a bike, and all he does is drop old ladies at bus stops to their destinations. Those who like mush of the mushiest sort may just like this one, though it's probably made me a diabetic for life. The scenes should be deleted to help the overall feel-good image of the film. Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka.

Mounika's father has a different groom in mind for his daughter. But then followed her attempts at acting. From this moment, it is one-way love. It so happens that they meet in a marriage again. Mounamelanoyi Feel-good love story.

With an incredible bone structure and a really cute smile, she drew whistles from the crowd when she appears for the first time. The only unpalatable scenes are in the beginning in a college classroom, where a lecturer M.

Bobby tries in vain to attract Mounika. Numerous characters come into play. Nevertheless, the film casts a spell.

Any relation to Prem Panicker who writes on cricket on rediff. The talking is mostly done by the boy's friends, who shoulder the responsibility of uniting the lovers. Not to worry - in true filmi style, she turns out to be the groom's cousin. Shyam prasad was son of s. But if you are going, take earmuffs along.

She makes it and breaks the interminable silence with the three so-called golden words. To preserve integrity, fullhyd.

The family scenes are built well around these pining sequences, and the whole movie passes from one missed opportunity of confessing love to another. Very funny inparts, good writing, maan. This guy couldn't act to save his soul. You hardly find the lovers engaging in any conversation throughout the film.

The direction is decent enough as the movie manages to pull through despite the maddening silence. Indeed, it is a silent love story. Not screening currently in any theatres in Hyderabad.

Atleast all the producers have to save the audience by not giving movies to him. Veturi's lyrics, too, are interesting. The these music is also copied from a folk song whchi is being sung in guntur distcit area.

Mounamelanoyi (2002) Telugu Movie Naa Songs Free Download

She too falls for him after some time, and they pine together - looking doe-eyed at each other, sighing in isolation and all that jazz! Any trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Eight Legged Freaks Hindi. And he insists on singing, too!

There were no more songs in the movie after that! The movie introduces two newcomers, Sachin and Sampada. Finally the girl's marriage is arranged elsewhere, and the pining gets all teary now. For him, nothing exists except Mounika. The rest of the film shows how this impasse is overcome, but with a veil of suspense.

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Her cool response perturbs the boy. Newcomers Sachin and Sampada fare well. Not that the guy was planning on doing anything, anyway.

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Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum. Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Sachin looks cute when he tries to smile, and constipated when he doesn't. No one is aware about the growing fondness between the lovers.

Bobby Sachin is a lost cause. Ramana gogula has to go to his orignal profession.

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Tell Hyderabad what you feel about Mounamelanoyi! See Mounamelanoyi full details. Movie review - Mounamelanoyi - by Gudipoodi Srihari. Ramana Gogula scores well both for songs and background. The silence is punctuated with comic scenes and sometimes with Ramana Goggula's songs - and worse, twenty 20 malayalam movie songs his voice!

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Most of it is reserved for blabbering students, for quarrels between spouses, marriage blues and pinpricks. And he hangs around all day with a gang of very irritating friends - all guys. Saikrishna's dialogue is passable.

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