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Hence Raja decides to end up the relationship with Devi so that she can start a new life with Prathap. Devi is told that her friend's husband was already dying before the marriage and groom's family concealed the truth. Raja's parents also come to know about his fate and come to see him.

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The woman with whom Raja is staying with requests Raja to marry her as she was though a prostitute she would like to be mentioned as someone's wife after her life. Soon after the girl comes up with her wedding invitation to Raja.

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Prathap without knowing the Raja-Devi's relationship tries to expose his feelings for him but she does not reciprocate. This hurts the girl and she decides to end up her life. This film was dubbed into Malayalam with the same title. On the day of wedding Raja ejects blood from his mouth and Baby takes him to hospital.

When everybody assemble at his place Raja looks at Devi as a married woman and breathes his last happily. Devi visits her friend's house and gets shocked on seeing her friend as widow. Aasai Athigam Lyrics - Marupadiyum Lyrics. He always take advantage of the affection showered on him by his mother and this irritates his father. Muthukumar Yuvan Shankar Raja Na.

On the day of wedding Devi gets angry on Raja and shouts at him for his acts and Raja is hurt by it. Hence he accepts their love and the couple get engaged. Thenpandi Cheemayile Lyrics - Nayagan Lyrics. When she consoles Raja that there is nothing to worry Raja shocks her by saying there is no treatment for cancer. After the treatment Baby is informed about Raja's cancer and she is shocked.

Raja marries her and begins his last journey. He finds that Devi is familiar with his friend Prathap. But when she finds the truth she leaves him. Prathap actually wants to marry Devi and he is yet to propose her.

Rajasekaran Kamal Haasan is a happy-go-lucky and spoilt brat from rich family background. Raja's parents find a bride for him much against Raja's protest. Prathap attempts suicide on seeing the wedding invitation of Raja and Devi. Raja overhears Prathap speaking to Devi's brother about his love for Devi.

After Devi left the friend of Devi comes to temple in her widowed costume. Prathap does not like this and unwillingly accepts this.

Neela vaana odayil - SPB Chords - Chordify

Raja's friends sue Devi for being so arrogant and Raja is continuously flying and this scares them. Raja decides to impress her one way or other.

Devi waits at the temple for Raja to arrive and she leaves the place when he does not show up. Raja visits the home of Devi and tries to attract all of her family members except Devi and her elder brother. Raja watches her leaving the temple after waiting for a long time. Raja now becomes a full-fledged drunkard and starts to live with the prostitute woman who helped him earlier.

Devi at first believes him and moves close with him. He is a member of a flight club and does many aerial stunts in his plane. Raja gets admitted to a hospital and some of the sample tests had showed that he was a cancer patient and he is counting his days. Raja stops her and say if it is going to be her decision then he would marry her and apologizes for his actions.

Devi marries Prathap and she wants to go to Raja to show him. Devi is shocked by Raja's act and tries to bring him back to her. She proposes a plan of annoying Devi by moving closely with another woman. He also pretends to be arrogant that no man in this world other than him will accept Devi as his wife. This article is about the Tamil film.

Devi gets angered on this and she urges her brother to fix marriage with anyone in order to nose cut arrogant Raja. Devi who is already feeling bad for her behaviour rushes to Raja and accepts his love.

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The next day when the girl comes to meet him he wonders that he did not accept her to marry but Devi. Her brother arranges for wedding with Prathap. He tells Devi to come to a temple and both can marry. Raja's mother persuade him to come and have a formal meet for his father's sake and she would take care of the rejection of the proposal.

Raja pretends to move closely with that woman but the plan did not turned fruitful and earned more aversion of Devi. Raja reminds how Devi got angry when her friend was cheated by her husband's family. Devi is shocked and rushes to meet Raja.

For the Malayalam film, see Vazhve Mayam. Raja then pretends to have injured and broken his legs for sake of Devi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Raja tries to chat with her, she insults him. Raja is very happy that since Prathap is a friend of Devi, dvd converter for ipad Raja himself is her friend as Prathap is his friend.

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Baby likes Raja and his mischief and she helps him to win the love of Devi. The girl is also friend of Devi and she invites her for the marriage. They call her to stop him.

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But Raja intervenes that all the engagement and wedding was a fake to take revenge on Devi for insulting him in her friend's wedding. She visits the home of the prostitute and demands to send Raja with her.


Raja and Devi start to distribute their wedding invitations. Susheela Panjuarunachalam Parasakthi - R R. The music was composed by Gangai Amaran. This angers Devi and she curses whole male society for being so selfish.