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Increase words per minute speed and accuracy. Eat and avoid being eaten!

Students have been able to benefit from the new innovations and teachers have gotten useful tools to promote valuable keyboarding skills. Ghosts Welcome to the Ghost Castle! Want to improve your left pinky?

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Typing Pipe Game In pipe game your fingers will learn the new touch type skills! Zone has the latest free typing games available for you. Only after each key has first been trained separately, it's a good time to start to type words by playing TypingRace and TypingAttack. Some videogames feature different levels from easy to hard. We have also found that the ability to compete against others with our realtime worldwide scoreboard can motivate some to type faster, type more accurately, butterfly templates and enjoy playing our free typing games.

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Find your favorite tune to play along. Use your laser guide on multipliers!

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Type Faster

Keyboard Triathlon Keyboard Triathlon. Various gaming genres motivate the whole classroom to develop their keyboard writing speed and accuracy. TyPool is a variant of addictive multiplayer game where you eat smaller ones to grow.

These are two most important elements of touch-type method. Keyboarding is a core skill for all students to learn.

Retro platformer where you pick up powergems and find the right route. We have a lesson for that. KeyTris In KeyTris your goal is to type as fast as possible to control the falling blocks with keyboard. The Trick or Treat Ghosts want candy. Touch-type method is a basic skill that simply needs both time and a lot of practice.

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Frogs are eating all the letters. How to engage students to learn to type?

Place all fingers on homerow keys to move your spaceship quickly on screen and hit spacebar to shoot nasty space invaders. Type keys A-Z to make a guess in this hangman variant. The spaceships appear in the screen, you shoot by typing words until the enemies explode at the last keystroke.

For many students, learning touch type skills can be a frustrating task. Gems and Bugs Homerow Your mission is to collect all gems and avoid nasty bugs, trying to go to swim. Our typing lessons will educate on many levels, offering commonly misspelled words and foreign language words.

Use middle fingers and forefingers only, both upper row and home row. Do you like the thrill of driving down the highway at supersonic speeds and jumping over cars in your way? Use your typing skills to blast them out of the universe! Browse our collection with the links at bottom.

Our Typing Tutor is the best way to learn to type. We believe that learning a new motor skill can be boosted by gaming.

New Typing Games

Play pool against computer or friend on same computer. However, a fun and entertaining keyboarding game will often motivate some learners over traditional lesson based typing tutors, so we teach typing using our original free typing games.

Turn over pairs of matching cards with keys A-Z. There are many important benefits that honing keyboard skills can give you. In the exciting KeyBall Maze your goal is to find out from the labyrinth before its too late. Student can play the fun music game and practice rhythmic keyboarding even without thinking its learning process going on.

Now you can arrange a short summer keyboarding camp every day. Free typing games are the most popular way to develop keyboarding skills in the classroom through both the level of interaction they allow and also the variety of students which they appeal to.