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Ricocheting to higher ground while avoiding the laser that's tracking your movement takes a bit of practice, and it's so rewarding when you pass through these dangers unscathed. The second world introduces puzzles, and though these are far from head-scratchers, they add another layer in a game already bursting with ideas. Never trust a bird carrying its own nest.

Choose what instruments you want to use, place notes along the screen, and then lay down a few obstacles to slow down your progress. The platforming is just as well executed as the score, and the flexible editor lets you extend the life of this game indefinitely.

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Guitar may be added onto a percussion backdrop, or a bass may set the rhythm, and it's a great feeling seeing your moves have such a powerful impact on the mood. Sound Shapes has an extraordinary understanding of how to pace each stage. Built upon the foundation of previous levels, Death Mode forces you to collect a specific number of notes as quickly as possible.

The rules are simple enough. Snapping together your own stage takes only a few minutes because the tools are so easy to use. By holding a button, you move faster, and this is necessary to clear certain jumps or avoid patrolling enemies. The next time you see a missile, it's red, meaning you should avoid it at all costs. No matter how you choose to play, Sound Shapes goes beyond its inventive musical premise to keep you invested.

Platforming is always at the forefront, but sometimes you have to put a bit of thought into how to progress. Cities by Beck is particularly impressive.

It's moments like this that show just how willing Sound Shapes is to get creative with its core elements. Basic mechanics create a welcome accessibility but don't hinder the potential of Sound Shapes in the slightest. All these things have been almost absent from the Vita market lately. As you complete worlds, you unlock dozens of parts you can use.

This is an expansive adventure that expertly uses the core tenets of platformers to create an experience that continually redefines itself. But that's when the real fun begins, I've been following this game since it was announced and I've go tons of levels in my notebook. Stages are composed of a series of single-screen challenges.

By accurately placing the notes, you slowly begin to understand the basics of music composition, which is an indispensable part of building levels in the editor. Bumping into these lackadaisical people may cause them to open an elevator door or lower a floating platform, and figuring out how to trigger these actions is eminently enjoyable. New elements are continually introduced.

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But you can't grab onto a surface when you're running. Sound Shapes expertly combines these disparate elements into a cohesive whole, avoiding a chaotic cacophony that could have arisen with all the competing effects. Collecting floating notes adds layers onto the soundtrack, giving you a tangible reason to nab all the dangling goodies.

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The frightened worker drops his remote control, opening a path to the next room. For instance, you may find yourself swinging precariously from a chain. The trickiest part of this simple scheme to master is the sprint ability.

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Jumping, climbing, and sprinting make up your limited moveset, and you use your humble repertoire to navigate treacherous obstacle courses to reach the hallowed beat box at the end of each stage. Creating music as you leap through abstract worlds draws you in from the first moments, but Sound Shapes goes much deeper than its incredible soundtrack. Enemies attack and platforms move based on the rhythm, so you could time your jumps with your eyes closed if you wanted to. Sound Shapes is an impressive adventure that's as much fun to play as it is to listen to. It's a simple concept, but one that meshes beautifully with the overall experience the game is trying to provide.

Here, Sound Shapes gives you a song and you have to place notes to match the rhythm. Black Flag, and if you should buy it now or wait. Who'd want to walk when you could soar? The music slowly builds as you progress through the world, adding instruments in each new screen you visit.

If only for the creation tools themselves. Red frogs spring forth from the lava down below, and you have to time your swing so you can safely reach the other side. Or maybe you find yourself bouncing chaotically on the back of an alien creature. Sound Shapes introduces and then builds upon a number of unique objects throughout the adventure, continually forcing you to think in new ways as you make your way through to the end of each world. Plowing through the five included worlds takes only a few hours, and though every second spent climbing and leaping is enjoyable, a couple more albums would have been welcomed.

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Instead, it presents them in a punishment-free way so you understand their capabilities before their dastardly potential is unveiled. Hearing the music morph from a simple melody into a vibrant, bursting song is an empowering feeling that never dissipates. And that's the real beauty of Sound Shapes. All the platforming tricks you learned during the campaign are used to their fullest here. When you're done, upload it so the community can check out your hard work.

Peaceful sections stripped of enemies let you enjoy the music you put together, and then the difficulty ramps up so your fingers can receive as much pleasure as your ears. Red missiles in the city move with every strum of the bass, and watching them dance in the air is delightful enough to distract you from their potential for evil. You control an amorphous blob in a world populated by all manner of dangerous traps and enticing collectibles.

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These office workers are in need of a pick-me-up. Anything painted red kills you with one touch. The powerful editor lets you create anything seen in the campaign, so if you spend a few hours building a level, serial port monitor 3.31 you can make something truly special.

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However, Sound Shapes doesn't halt the action to explain what each new object and enemy does. Foliage should be respected and feared. Sound Shapes deftly blends its intoxicating musical composition with intricate platforming challenges to create an enriching and delightful experience. It's easy to look at the serene aesthetics, listen to the catchy soundtrack, take in your modest moveset, and assume Sound Shapes is built on artistic delights rather than cunning action.

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But that couldn't be further from the truth. Just about every element has some effect on the sound, creating a living, breathing world in which the many fluttering beings have a song in their hearts. Mature gamers typically need more diversity, but what they get is another artsy and creative platformer.

Blue missiles flutter across the screen, and because they're a color that means safety, you grab onto one and ride it to a new section. Once you finish that last level, a harder mode opens up that puts the previous challenges to shame. Any object not outlined in black can be latched onto, letting you scurry up walls and across ceilings in a pinch. Once you come to grips with how to properly navigate, smoothly alternating between the buttons provides an agreeable feeling as you dash through the environment. Each of the five themed worlds has a different composer and artist, and the varied styles offer enticing variety.

And this musical system isn't just a silly gimmick, either. Timing is paramount to success, which ties in beautifully with the rhythm that follows you wherever you go. Remember, Sound Shapes isn't a passive adventure. At one point, you scare a cat, causing it to run through a tiny hole and into the back of a person nodding off.