Packet Tracer Windows Xp

Check the new features here. We strongly advise you to not download Cisco Packet Tracer from any other websites or torrent source as the software can be infected with viruses or malware. The official company special developed the student version for learning purpose. It may ask you to restart your computer to complete the installation process. It will allow you to create the different network at a time.

How to Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 for Windows

Love to have myself updated. No this is free from Cisco. Very helpful for teaching and learning the complex technology concepts for students.

Packet tracer win XP 32

You can create your Network topology by dragging various devices. Newbie learns the complex concept of networking more quickly.

Features of Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2

Packet Tracer supplements the curricula of the Networking Academy, enabling instructors to teach and demonstrate complex techniques and networking systems. Some devices are available for logical network topology in Cisco. Students are able to create the network on unlimited devices and learn professional skills because of its great and helpful simulation environment feature.

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Check creates a desktop shortcut checkbox and clicks next. Great offerings on a great product. No new features seem to be added to this version of Packet Tracer. Accept the license agreement and click on Next button.

Packet tracer win XP 32

Unlike older versions available only to Netacad students and instructors, the major change in the software will now make it easy for everybody to access. Thank you very much for the share. This complements physical equipment in the classroom.


There has never really been any Cisco Academies nearby me, but now it is too late even if there was. But I have had good fortune along this path. You can continue practicing of your work about networking with it.

The previous versions of packet tracer can not be downloaded from there. You can get Packet Tracer if you join a NetAcad class. It will allow you to do experiments with network behavior on your system and allow you to ask questions.

Packet Tracer software download is available only for your windows because it is not compatible for Mac. Cisco packet tracer only works with Windows and Linux.

You can create many networks at the same time. Cisco Cisco Packet Tracer. Click on Next and select the Start Menu folder. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is available for download on official Cisco Academy.

You can Create different network at a time. It is one of my most valuable tools for testing scenarios out. There are different versions of Cisco packet tracer. You can learn high professional skills by working on its simulation environment. And that too only compatible with Debian based Linux.

After successful installation of Cisco packet, you can create topology drag and drop many devices into your topology. What is Cisco Networking Academy? This networking tool is free for students, and instructors. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It has an easy-to-use but highly effective drag and drops interface while configuring complex networks.

How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 on Windows 10

If you are a student studying Cisco networking equipment, then Cisco Packet Tracer is just for you. This tool provides real network connectivity to Cisco Packet Tracer, ad design software and thus the ability to connect to other lab environments. Download latest version of Cisco Packet Tracer.

There is no need to buy expensive equipment or spend a lot of time wiring things together. There are no legal considerations to worry about and there is a lot of flexibility. But because I have gone the self-taught route, I can't get the Packet Tracer program.

It is supporting following protocols. For your reference, you can find additional information in the Cisco Packet Tracer page. It's also great plaform to test network automation prior to production deployment.

Good luck on your studies! Currently we just use the Learning Labs. Even if only for a yearly refresher.