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Alexandra just loves the Christmas season! She's invited you over for a nice day of shopping and lunch, so she's bound to look her best! Today is a big day for her and her friends, it the big prom! Picking beach clothes is not as easy as it seams maybe you can jump in and give her a hand? Join this savvy Valentines shopper for the shopping trip of her dreams, find everything she's looking for and don't get hung up with buyers remorse!

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Help superstar Britney Spears look amazing for her new video! Catty Noir is definitely a star! Rinmaru finally released her Star Wars dress up and it's amazing! Can you help to decorate this lovely princess castle doll house? Draculaura Doll House Decor.

This surfer girl loves to hang out and explore all that living on the West Coast has to offer. They are coming over to your beauty parlor to create a perfect and flawless makeup for their party. Dress up Paris Hilton, make sure she likes her outfit and doesn't through a fit in the store!

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See what you can do for her. Dream Bathroom Decoration. Of course sometimes they dream of marrying each other. Cutie Aliyah has just got herself a new crib! This cartoon fairy and her flying cat are always on the look out for fun, fashion, and friends.

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Is there anything this girl doesn't look good in? Everybody grew up with a teddy bear, and to find something like a lovely teddy bear that loves you unconditionally, well, grammar slammer that's just amazing news!

Dress up Sue a super cute cartoon doll in something fun to wear this spring! Play the ayanna doll making and enjoy to play the game. Go ahead and try not to crack up in this fast paced game of drag and drop fashion. Dressup this cute redhead in this beach postcard game.

Pin Up Mermaid Doll Creator. Bria has always dreamed of being a fashion model. Barbie has been invited to visit Wonderland by her good girl friend Alice. Dawna is constantly dreaming. Barbie has some incredible powers of pink perception!

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She's spending her summer on the beach, but don't call her a bum, she's a babe! Francie has a big day ahead of her, but she's so frazzled that she can't put an outfit together. She has to dress up like a bridesmaid with the perfect accessories. Make her look great all day! If you've ever wanted to become a major part of the catwalk world, you can join up as the hairdresser with some actresses, glamorous models.

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Dress up this pastel loving Bratz doll in some colorful and trendy new clothes. Puppy is a cute girl who lives in a colorful fantasy world. Help her find a great style for a long day out! Dress up this doll and tour historical and stunning Egypt! Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon are in love and have been dating for a long time.

They wouldn't recruit her when they needed her help, and now she must fight for what she knows is right alone. When Barbie was swimming along the coast, her foot was stung by an incredible colorful coral, and before she could see what happened, she turned into a colorful mermaid! You'll need to use all your fashion sense and skills to come up with a look that is truly special! Accessorize her with a nice handbag, necklace and other jewels you think will fit her original style and don't forget about her blond hairstyle!

The best friends of the bride are going to plan the entire wedding so the special lady doesn't have to do a single thing! Dressup this doll in cute pajamas and night outfits so she can sleep well and have sweet dreams! It's time to break the mold and dress up in something totally outrageous and crazy!

Style her hair, wings, shirt, skirt, and accessories for an exciting day of fun and adventure. Dress up this beautiful cartoon doll for a sold out concert! Help pretty baby Barbie create a fabulous doll house adding this fun activity to your list of hobbies. Do you have your favorite doll? Barbie is a fantastic fantasy princess.

She loves decorating her office and home with a variety of holiday flowers and giving extravagant gifts to her friends and family. Mix and match outfits until you find the perfect look! Decorate this fun blue bathroom with all sorts of neat items. Can you help Barbie to decorate the dollhouse for halloween? The of the best things about being a ballerina is getting to wear beautiful custom leotards for all of your routines.

Help Cindy look great this winter with some cool casual clothes to match her amazing purse collection! Scarah Screams is an impossible name to pronounce. Best Friend's Best Wedding.

It's time to dress her up so she is ready for your doll house. Give this gal a style that will make her look good for a fun day out. You know the snow is going to melt and the flowers will bloom when your clocks spring ahead! Create and put a room together virtually!

Style her for a fun night on the town! Dressup this cute country doll in something western looking for a country folksong party! Help create a picture perfect proposal with fun outfits and make this the best surprise ever! Runway fashion get ready for America's next super model! But how about all of those radical manga girl outfits?

Use the items you around you as button, move the doll as you wish. Choose the most elegant clothes for this fashion doll and help her look amazing!

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Choose a new look for Mandy and don't let her become a fashion victim! Can you help them to dress up?