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Pros Found obscure music Simple interface Clever concept. Chris is a former Macworld editor who has turned to a life of crime.

No timeline, no commitments. On average, it took only a couple seconds to identify each song and mere minutes to identify the songs I placed in the queue. The Tuniverse tab has links to Twitter so you can tweet about your music, YouTube clips related to the artist you're listening to, a bio of the artist, and more.

TuneUp Fails to Sync iTunes Library on Launch TuneUp Support

TuneUp Fails to Sync iTunes Library on Launch TuneUp Support

Hardware Mobile Software Macs. You can download it from the main page. Does this resolve the issue? Check out the latest Insider stories here. Let's continue working through your support ticket to isolate the issue.

TuneUp's software is simple, comprehensive, and effective, but can get overwhelmed with large collections and has a few rough edges. Its four tabs offer a lot of information, and the Clean tab is really TuneUp's bread and butter. TuneUp didn't catch everything, but I was surprised what it did catch. Do you have unidentified tracks, mislabeled albums, mr jatt.com mp3 songs or missing artwork in your iTunes library? Tune Up brings order to your iTunes music.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. However, it couldn't identify a fairly common Unwritten Law song I wanted cleaned. Theuns, please submit a support request into our helpdesk. Cons Some connectivity issues Tendency to get bogged down by large collections. There are two other tabs in the app.

TuneUp Utilities just got better

There are several thousands of TuneUp users with libraries the size and larger than yours k that are able to successfully sync with TuneUp. Your songs are organized by album and even show the track order and the other tracks in the album in case you're missing any. You drag and drop the songs you want cleaned and you watch as TuneUp attempts to identify the songs and album of each artist.

Some images didn't load correctly and I had to manually select a different image. If you have a small music collection, the free version might be all you need.

Not perfect, but still pretty impressive. Macworld's take on the Apple iPad. It s not posible to do noting with it, people bought a license wats no more working. During my testing, I was repeatedly informed that the database wasn't available because I wasn't connected to the Internet when, of course, I was.

But if you have a music collection that's even remotely like mine, think of the free version as a demo to see if the software is worth the upgrade. Thank you for your patience and understanding, TuneUp Support. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. It also was able to identify certain songs from a Japanese import album I had, but not others from the same album. If you want to update your entire library with the cover art, be warned, the process is long and arduous.

TuneUp Utilities just got better

We would be happy to investigate other options with you. The result is a much more robust, complete, and professional looking iTunes collection. Hello, Thank you for your message. In general, if this procedure does not work, there is typically a deeper issue at hand.

TuneUp appears as a mildly garish window tacked onto iTunes. Macworld's buying advice TuneUp's software is simple, comprehensive, and effective, but can get overwhelmed with large collections and has a few rough edges.

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TuneUp is a an iTunes add-on that cleans up your iTunes library by identifying and filling in missing information. Already tried rebuilding, an it was a brand new library anyway. Perhaps that should be mentioned when selling it to people? This program has caused nothing but stress. The Cover Art tab identifies the album art for the song you're listening to, and if you're missing it, can download it for you.

TuneUp ( Fails to Sync iTunes Library on Launch

Here are the latest Insider stories. This issue is typically due to a larger issue and not sheer size of your library. Pick the perfect view options in iTunes. My iTunes library simply looks exactly the same as before. If TuneUp functions, then there are deeper issues with your main library that will need to be resolved.

Tuneup for itunes

This is a temp solution while they have to pass the Apple certification process.