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The partying can take it's toll both on one's mind and body. An then we got everything you want, Honey we know the names.

Family Tree Caylee Hammack. Only for the week or wiggers it's rough. Beer Can't Fix Thomas Rhett. The Art of Self-Indulgence.

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The singer of the song is inviting the individual to come experience the amazing chaotic world. Makes me laugh that everyone things it has to be about some big city and sex and drugs. This interpretation has been marked as poor. This chaotic world can make you a addict of the chaos. Nobody who's an addict for dam sure!

His Penis is as big as a serpentine and its hairy just like a jungle. Many people were persuaded to come to Chicago because of all the available career opportunities. Submit Your Interpretation. So they got what u need in the jungle drugs of course.

Second, the fact that he supposedly did his time their back when the tunnels to com. When your high, you never want to experience the come down. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email.

Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle (Official Music Video)

Psychologically or physiologically. There's Your Cue, Audience! The beginning of the video explains a lot the song is also bout how a big city changes you.

If u got a hunger for what u see you'll take it eventually! An then it goes on by saying, Honey meaning ur the new bitch! Most of what he writes about in this song, were things he saw happening around him an some of the torment he talks about were probably his own personal experiences as well. The verse is about embracing the chaos.

The serpentine is synonomous with the ethical darkness of the chaotic underbelly. Westville isn't as tuff as they say.

You are an addict and in some way shape or form you are going to die. Because of these very long and difficult work days, the men although there were a few women always looked forward to going home to their wives, hence the sexual references.

Its written about experience all right, but the kind you get from being locked up. Its also talking about life in a dangerous city with prostitutes and drugs. It was a crime what other countries and their mafias put us through, and worse yet, puttin gthem into election was the worst move americans could had made, it was brutal. Come on now, how many lies did you hear when you was locked up? No one effin gets it this song is about everything that happens when your alone in a big city on your own!

Guns N Roses Welcome To The Jungle Official Music Video Mp3 MB

The jungle was what they called the tunnel yrs an yrs ago at Westville. An I'll bring u to ur knees in the jungle! And when you're high, you never Ever want to come down So down, so down, so down, tycoon addon yeah!

The introduction speaks for itself. If you got the money than you can get any drug you want.

Axl Rose was sexy, but isn't anymore. Take care and wishing you all well. What does Welcome to the Jungle mean?

This means since ur in prison the prisoners have their drugs smuggled in by visitors an whoever isn't scared to do it. To me, it's definitely about L. Things became very difficult though, as people were consistently dying from disease or bleeding out from injuries in the meat and industrial factories. Mind ur own and stand and fight a few times and ur good.

Welcome to this world of chaos. Welcome to the Jungle Meaning. Email me when new interpretations are posted for Welcome to the Jungle.

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You can get very good drug but it's not free. Songs to Help Get Through a Breakup. It's about living a life of debauchary and craziness.

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When you are addicted to this life of debauchary day by day everyday you are going to suffer. Welcome to the jungle, which is the chaotic world of sex, drugs, and alcohol. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Don't you realize you're in the chaotic world now?

Thank you for saying the sang wasn't about westville. We know the names of all the drug dealers that can get you any drug you want.

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